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"Quest Means Business" had that economist from the University of Maryland on again today. I don't remember his name. He was complaining about China's high tariffs that was causing a trade deficit with the US. His answer was for all of the members of the G20 to get together and make China behave. He didn't say how they should make China behave if they did manage to come together. Everybody, except China, is practicing "free trade," so how are they going to stop them.

How about not practicing "free trade" and instituting some tariffs ourselves? I am not mad at China for having tariffs. There would be no real development for ordinary people in China without tariffs. I am mad at our simple-minded leaders who don't impose tariffs to protect and develop American industries , along with the jobs they provide. Oh! I forgot! They have a philosophy, and even if the world's economy is failing, let's keep following that philosophy.

I do have some limited satisfaction that these idiots are destroying their own wealth, along with the American and Western markets.