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David Cole, a Yalie lawyer and Georgetown law professor, wants to nail fellow lawyer John Ashcroft's forked tongue to the courthouse door. Wonderful, I agree. I'll believe it when I see it, but I don't expect to see it!

It is surely true that only a properly anointed lawyer gets to nail another properly anointed lawyer.

Some observers learned a tidbit about the elitist legal scam thirty-five years ago when lawyer Leon Jaworski slapped lawyer Tricky Dick Nixon into ignominious disgrace. A very special situation, because Tricky Dicky, a Republican lawyer, done his Democrat lawyer brethren down and dirty. Twenty-one of the twenty-three convicted Watergate conspirators were trained lawyers.

If you realize that the elitist lawyers, regardless of party, are always farceuring and shadow boxing, it all becomes much less mystifying.

Don't show and don't tell. Most of all don't get caught with your legal pants down, as did President Clinton, another Yalie lawyer, who barely escaped ignominious disgrace at the hands of his brother and sister lawyers.

Recently President Obama, a Harvard lawyer, consulted with his trained legal "counsels" to come up with legal justifications to circumvent a Congressional law disallowing business or talking with a designated terrorist group. Since Iran has been so designated, Bama's legal geniuses came-up-with the legal wordsmithing to circumvent the sacred law allowing non-sexual political intercourse with the so-labeled Iranian terrorists.

This is the real kicker and the genius lawyering that is always there, if you look for it. Pres. Bush and Ashcroft routinely and laughingly circumvented all manner of laws with so-called signing statements etc. as designed by "the best" lawyers and legal counsels. Justifying murder and mayhem takes real creative lawyering by the legally trained, preferably from elite law schools

Now Pres. Wham Bam, himself trained in the lawyerly arts, is playing circumvention of the law that directly supports all Bush's illegal circumventions and murderous excesses.

Therefore, prosecuting President Bush and his lawyer/geniuses, including Ashcroft, for "circumventing the law" becomes so legally convoluted as to be impossible! Yhere are laws, right? And we are a country of laws, right? Government of laws? Or, government of lawyers trained to circumvent the laws.

Ambrose Bierce in The Devil's Dictionary (1906): "LAWYER, n. One skilled in circumvention of the law." Only a trained lawyer could understand it.