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A note from the editors: Dr. Corey Goodman has claimed that some of the contents of Gordon Bennett's web letter were factually inaccurate. Based upon a preliminary investigation undertaken by The Nation, it appears that certain statements in the Bennett letter may not have been accurate; accordingly, The Nation has taken the letter down.

Wilderness... or model "green" oyster farm?

For the great majority of The Nation's readers and environmentalists in general the point is moot. Tess Elliot appears to be trying to use The Nation as a way to fight a truly local battle in which the environment wins, no matter what the outcome. Finally, the allegation that there would be "no hope" for the Obama administration's policies and legal initiatives to respect science and scientific integrity if Tess Elliot's issue is ignored is hopelessly shrill and windy. There are many administrations covering science and technology within the national government, and countless issues of concern on par with "green oyster farm" versus "wilderness." The integrity of the administration is hardly riding on this issue, and it is not clear why The Nation published this writing.