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I get so tired of hearing of HERE's organizing successes. In reality, UNITE was the much more experienced and member-driven organizing union. HERE subscribes to the mind-numbing, five-year, pink-sheeting, style. If it is so successful, why is the density of their industries continually declining even in their so-called strongholds? Millions of dollars, for example, into Indianapolis, and four years into the campaign--no members yet. And it was all UNITE's money. Chicago and all other major markets, no new hotel victories to speak of, at least not enough to change the density percentage. You can criticicize Raynor and Stern all you want, but at least in our union we elect our own stewards; HERE appoints their personal yespeople. They are one of the most undemocratic unions I've ever encountered. Never have I seen a union tell workers they must wait years to get their union, even when the majority is signed on cards and they work for a big hotel chain. That's exactly what they have done in St. Louis and many other "middle of the country" targets. If it doesn't benefit Vegas, AC or CA they have never cared and never will. They stated at the beginning of the merger they would teach us how to organize, and didn't; and teach us how to spend our money, and they were very successful in that endeavor. They bankrupted their own union, then came after UNITE. Ask the folks in former HERE 181 in Kentucky how wonderful they are. Ask former HERE local 10, 12 and 84 members in Ohio where all their members' money went, and then go back and write an honest article.