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The fact that President Obama put methods in place to insure that torture and abuse never happen again apparently is not enough for the liberals who want to emasculate our intelligence agencies. No sane person will ever want to join the CIA, NSA or DIA, for fear that their actions, in defense of our country, will put them in a prison cell. It is well known that the Church Commission was thought to have decimated the CIA and caused serious setbacks to our future intelligence efforts.

The folks who celebrated the release of the terrorist who brought down the plane over Lockerbie Scotland, the murderers from Al Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah, and the terrorist states of Iran, Syria, North Korea and Russia must all be celebrating the liberal democrats of America destroying our country for them.

The liberals always blame the victim and never blame the perpetrator. The valiant men and women who work for our intelligence agencies deserve better than to be thrown to the wolves. We are in a war with people who want to destroy us and we must use every means at our disposal to defeat them before they use a weapon of mass destruction on our country, and only a fool believes that these groups have given up trying to do that.

Some day, the fact that 3,000 Americans were murdered on 911 will be forgotten because the next terrorist act will dwarf that number many times over in the dead men, women, and children whose lives were snuffed out by evil people. The reason for this will be because we are now trying to blindfold and tie the hands behind their backs of our intelligence personnel and then send them out to try and defend us, and that will only seek to greatly aid those who seek our end.

President Obama has made sure the horrible transgressions of the past will not happen again and we need to move on.