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I feel your story does not delve deeply enough into the effect the actions by John Wilhelm and UniteHere have on workers' morale. I am a current and founding member of Workers United and am currently assisting the union on the Aramark Local 3 campaign in Oakland, California. On a daily basis, I witness the stress these workers endure from knowing they have no contract. Workers with as many as thirty years of service fear for their jobs, knowing that they currently have no recourse.

When we formed Workers United, we did so as a result of the irrespnsible spending by John Wilhelm and HERE that was leading our union to financial ruin. We knew full well what we were doing, and nothing was done fraudulently. John Wilhelm's claims of propriety are ludicrous. All we wanted (and the workers at Aramark still want) is the ability to negotiate good contracts and have good representation. HERE represents zero laundries. This fight, specifically in Oakland, is doing nothing more than weaken the union and disenfranchise workers. It is time for people to understand the mental hardship that is being created by John Wilhelm's destructive, anti-solidarity actions, and the effects they have on individual workers and organized labor as a whole.