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Wow! Hey Vincent, I am orginally from India and your broad-based assertion attributing the act to a particular "culture" is petty and rascist. There are good and bad people in all races,cultures and countries.

Now about the 'great divide' between the few "privileged" and the majority of "left-outs" in our society today, this is a direct result of 'free market capitalism' gone amuck,thanks to GW and his Repub cronies in congress who (like their hero, RR) have always believed in "trickle down economics" (a k a "left-over-crumbs-from-the-CEOS-table") kind of claptrap,crack-pot policy, driven by their only creed, g-r-e-e-d.

The ciitzens have to take back this Republic and restore democracy before an "implosion" happens.

p.s. Ms Ehrenreich, you have redeemed yourself after the disastrous "What America Owes its 'Illegals'" article.