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What is so hard for people to understand is a program that is so deeply buried in secretive undertakings and where there is no discernible action that is taking place, the media remain blank as to what is going on. Eight hundred and sixty-five military bases in some forty countries... this is so far removed from most of our lives, and yet it is this cancerous growth that is insidiously eating away at all that we have been taught to believe our country stands for, as well at a cost of billions of dollars annually. That we have imposed upon other people these military bases a process that we certainly would not have here in our own country. That the reason given for the continuation of this very costly operation is as nebulous as the process itself; that these bases are there for our protection--protecting us from whom is not mentioned.

If these foreign countries in which our troops are embedded were given a choice, our troops would be gone. This messianic, imperialistic program is a costly failure doomed to take its place along with the many who have attempted it in the past.