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By what journalistic standard does one report hearsay and unsubstantiated claims from two individuals and then weave them into a story that supposedly shows a history of abuses? I am sorry but, this article is little more than speculation. When it comes to the discussion of private security companies, many times people become emotionally irrational and jump to conclusions. Let's separate the emotion from this debate and look at the facts. So far, in regards to these claims as well as many claims in the past there really hasn't been much in the way of any actual tangible proof of any major wrongdoing or habitual offenses performed by this company and/or its founder. No company is perfect, and I have seen substantiation to show that they have employed some individuals that may have turned out to be a bit overzealous, however that does not a criminal enterprise make. Lets not be so hasty to burn them at the stake until we see some actual facts.

As far as the topic of private security contractors goes, PSCs have garnered a fairly irrational level of distrust and hatred by certain demographics of the population. Much of this is, in my opinion, due to stories such as the one of topic that continually print unsubstantiated conjecture and hearsay. What we need to do is completely separate emotions from this debate and look at the facts. The facts are that there are needs out there for some very specialized personnel to deal with specialized tasks such as diplomatic security. While there are divisions of the US military, DOD, and other federal organizations that do have some specialized personnel for these purposes, the manpower is extremely limited. The basics are, you have a high demand and limited personnel. Federal organizations are not meeting the demand, and the manpower has to come from somewhere. The private sector is able to fill that need, and in many ways can do so more cost effectively and to a higher level of quality. It really is as simple as classic supply versus demand. I would implore those of you out there that consider yourselves journalists to raise your standards significantly higher than the abysmal depths to which they have sunken over the past few decades.