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While Scahill's findings may be riveting and explosive, this whole affair will fizzle out and nothing will come of his superb investigation. The Justice Department will rattle the pans and make a lot of noise but in the end, nothing will come of this case, like so many others (Gitmo) they have failed to act on since taking over the reins.

Your story indicated that the number of private armies are increasing under Obama. Prince's private army is the only game in town and he seems to have a monopoly on this business. You even state that he is protecting Hillary Clinton and the rest of the US Diplomats overseas. At the same time you covered a story about the number of soldiers in the US Military who are refusing to go. So you have a declining civilian army. Who else, might I ask, is going to fight this dirty, unjust war?

In the end Prince and Obama are in the same league--the good ol' boy league. For all his chanting about change, Obama isn't going to change anything because part of his role is to protect the good ol' boys, of which he is one.