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I am not at all surprised by the allegations about the founder of Blackwater. (I read the excellent book by the author of this article.) I wonder if he will get his just deserts, however. Aren't the Bushes related to an Ellis family? Like the Ellises that were involved in the Riggs Bank scandal of a few years ago? The same scandal that was linked to the BCCI scandal, which was, of course, linked to Mena, AR and Promis and the rest of the entire concatenation of unrequited evil that has put this nation and the world in the mess that it is in now?

Perhaps it is time to declare a moratorium on secrets of any kind--- from UFOs to "economic warfare" fought by our "intelligence" services. We need the truth about everything at this point. If the judge in the Prince case is related to the Bushes, then he needs to recuse himself immediately.