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This article reflects the essential hostility, ignorance (tinged with neoimperialist feelings), arrogance and cold war mentality of American liberals towards India and Indians. Some facts for you, Ms. Crosette:

• India's carbon emissions in aggregate (not per capita) are about one-fourth of the US's. That's right, one-fourth.

• Even with an annual growth rate of 7 percent to 8 percent, it will be decades before we pollute as much as you (the USA).

• India's emissions per dollar of GDP are about the same as the USA's and far less than China's.

• We did not get the world into the mess it is in today--your kind did. Why shouldn't you pay? At any rate, why should we? Anyone with the faintest notion of justice would realize this.

In the light of these facts, US carbon tariffs on India would be a clear act of economic aggression and support for them from you (and your other "liberal" media colleagues, who have played an insidious role in covering up these facts) breathtaking hypocrisy, given your own pollution history.

Fortunately, Indians are a more assertive race now. Our environment minister told your darling Ms. Hillary Clinton the equivalent of "stick it where the sun don't shine" in diplomatic-speak. I hope she got the message.

As an aside, I see you are one of the discredited "India-studies" set--the racialist, neoimperialist and Indophobic views peddled under the pretext of scholarship in these programs would easily explain your attitude.