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I'd say that a rational approach would have all recreational drugs available in "drug stores" at numerous locations, perhaps expansions of current liquor stores and tobacconists. Entry and purchase would be open to anyone with a license. Licenses would go to any adult, 18 years old or older, who passed a quick quiz on drugs: the basics of what various drugs can do for you and what they can do to you, in physiological terms in each case. As an adjunct, real drug education would be offered in America's high schools: very short short courses to prepare for the quiz, plus serious, adult discussions of the ethical, political and practical implications of using recreational drugs. And of course, we'd need rigorous enforcement of laws forbidding endangering others while impaired from a drug. As a first step, however--indeed, that thin edge of the camel's nose heading down the slippery slope to the rational--I'll settle for decriminalized pot.