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I appreciate Teo's story and all the details. One thing not mentioned was the environmental effects of African palms. However, the human rights issue is foremost. Every person needs to make sure their senator and congress person sees this before any debate or vote on Plan Colombia's next generation or on a free trade agreement.

Having hosted Enrique Petro and his lawyer in my home twice in different years, and having visited Palm Oil Plantations, I am thankful the issues have been vetted by The Nation. His story and the thousands I have heard first hand in Colombia that are like it, should give pause to anyone living in the United States, which sends such massive economic and military support to Colombia.

There are good things happening in Colombia from time to time and changes in government policy, but I am convinced that if it were not for the constant pressure from the churches and human rights groups in the US and Europe, none of those good things would happen.