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I agree with Mr. Hayden that silence acquiesces and its direct effects of collateral damage which it causes. Moveon.org became too big, too fast and now suffers from megalithic disease. Power. They became a jaded organization that coerced and stifled the voice of its grassroots movement. I liken this to the antiwar and the disarmament movement of the '60s and '70s who sold out, now are burned-out and perhaps broke after they bought into notions of the corporate systems. Tsk tsk tsk...

I lost my confidence in Move on after the last election because it did not stand on justice under democratic principles and could have taken on healthcare, disarmament, voting regulations and the antiwar issues and it sold out. It has also sold out on climate change, and this will cost them their future, and ours. They betrayed our trust, perhaps its owners are too young to appreciate what others have so brilliantly fought and struggled for.

What do they care? They now have money and connections. They squandered the best chance for our country by making the decisions they have. They exploited instead of creating restorative initiatives because it is much easier to go along with an economy that thinks it’s cheaper to destroy the earth than to promote the hard decisions and work it will take to sustain it.

They are compromising by greenwashing climate change and supporting the same cap-and-trade policy of the EDF and NRDC that have too small of cuts in carbon emissions and will not make a bit of difference in the time we have left.

Now add them to the list for reform school.

Forever blue,