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I have moved on from Moveon during the 2004 election, and have stopped supporting Commondreams before the 2008 election. It is difficult to fully support The Nation for many of the same reasons. Why?

Because of their support for the corporate Democratic Party leadership candidates--the candidates who never said that they would stop the war in the Middle East; never said that they would decrease the military budget; never said they would investigate war crimes; and never said they would support single-payer healthcare.

Continuous war under a Democrat should be just as unacceptable as under a Republican.

In fact, Mr. Hayden's endorsement of Obama seemed contrary (and irrational) to his stated positions prior to the election, and contrary to this article. He had an opportunity to not endorse the Democratic Party corporate candidate (and maybe even endorse a third party candidate). He didn't.

I guess "people" wanted someone "winnable," but what did they win?

There are not always do-overs, and sometimes you run out of time. The nature of society is not to stand up for truth but to lie down for easy, but false, marketing slogans.

If there weren't enough reasons to not vote for the Democratic corporate candidate this past year, then there never will be enough reason.

So sorry. Hope is the opiate of the masses.