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When a lawyer perceives that he/she has a conflict of interest in a "case" it is customary to declare what it is and be removed from that case. The legal term for this is called "recuse."

All Jews have an understood loyalty or bias towards Israel, which is understandable. In that case, shouldn't all Jews recuse themselves from being involved in Middle East negotiations etc. on America's behalf ?

Isn't there an ethics issue when America is represented by a Jew in "peace negotiations " between Arabs and Jews?

When a critical mass of Americans finally decides to restore ethics to America in this regard, a positive direction will surely follow.

Islamic nations are not fooled by Obams's contention that America is not at war with Islam, and when they are confronted by a Jewish American representing American interests they are doubly mystified or insulted.

Mr. Ross is a Jew with business interests in Israel and a long history of supporting Israeli right-wing interests is obviously biased and US and Israeli interests are not always the same.