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It is the duty of government to keep its citizens informed so they can make good decisions. The government must have a Department of Information. Corporations, lobbyists and even the government (the Pentagon, as mentioned in the article) spend huge amounts of money to spin their facts to the public. The public needs an institution that can equal this mass onslaught of misinformation. This can only be the government. The Freedom of Information Act is only the tip of the iceberg of what the government should be doing. Any request to the government for information about anything should be met with in-depth research and investigation. All institutions of learning and library systems should be coordinated by this department. The information should be accessible on the Internet and free high speed Internet access should be available to all for disseminating information and for retrieving it intelligently. It is the job of the Fourth Estate to prioritize and put value judgments on this information. The government should also have a "truth squad" where misinformation and outright lies are highlighted and controlled. If you are afraid of control by the government, you do not envision a government controlled by yourself--the people. This is one step in that direction. You cannot control what you don't know.