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Thanks for your generally good work. Was extremely dismayed to read the US State Department party line parroted in Mr. Becker's piece. The Merida Initiative is an ongoing disaster. You and your team ought to review in detail Laura Carlsen's piece on Drug War Doublespeak. And more on the issue at Counterpunch.

And for Mr. Becker to quote the inside-the-Beltway groups like HRW lauding the Merida Initiative without a critical voice is shameful. Do you know some groups and their affiliates can stand to benefit from the $ of the Merida Initiative for rule-of-law "training"? Shouldn't that be mentioned? What a breach of good reporting.

And that hundreds of real on the ground human rights groups denounce the plan? And that the existing human rights requirements haven't even been adhered to? http://narcosphere.narconews.com/notebook/kristin-bricker/2009/02/plan-m...

And see also the site of Friends of Brad Will (dedicated to the reporter murdered in Oaxaca Mexico in 2006, precisely one year before the Calderon regime was rewarded with military largesse).

If you are going to fund investigative journalism, please do so. Please also share this with Mr. Becker and encourage him to look further in the issues he is covering.