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Scheer nails it! Let them all do the perp walk: AIG, Citigroup, Paulson,Geithner, Summers, Greenspan, Rubin...

Obama's pose/posture is inexcusable in all of this. His economy gurus insisted that the auto union workers' contracts be shredded but the AIG contracts are sacrosanct?

Handwriting was on the wall on this one: Obama taught at the University of Chicago law school (Home of Tory, free-marketer economist Milton Friedman), hired UChicago economist Austan Goolsbee as his advisor on things economic and globalizing. (Remember the Canada free-trade flap?) Further, hired members from Robert Rubin's unregulated free-traders found at Citibank/Citigroup/Harvard/Central Bank--like Summers, Geithner, etc.

They all drank the Wild West gambling casino economic Kool-Aid and then their world went into meltdown and still, incredibly, they are running (ruining) the show.

As for AIG, sure, resign, suicide or jail. AIGers committed at least two crimes: 1-they took in subprime junk mortgages and relabeled them as AAA or AA securities (selling junk as gold is fraud).

2- Its credit default operation in London was really a gambling casino. Bets (sometimes called insurance) were placed on anything--for example, would so-and-so's dog die in a fire on April 3, 2013? Hundreds of people could place this bet. And, here's the crime, they never put in the money to support these bets in case someone won the bet. Instead, they relied on the government bailing them out. If they made money on the gambling casino it was theirs, if they lost they taxpayers would bail them out.

As I said, AIGers resign, commit suicide or go to jail. (Don't pass Go and don't collect $200).

Moreover, as bad as Madoff's ponzi scheme was, he's small potatoes compared to the Wall Street banking giants.

The biggest scam ever was the subprime mortgage business. Credit was so easy that anyone with a pulse was given a junk mortgage; these, in turn, were shoveled through the doors of the banks and insurers like AIG. Next, our best and brightest bankers prevailed upon the rating agencies to label the junk as AAA securities. These "troubled assets" were then sliced and diced, collaterized, leveraged 30x and sold around the world as if they were gold. The business was such a money machine that it was impossible to say no to it. When the housing bubble burst, people lost their life savings, and countries went down. It seems to me that knowingly selling junk as if it were gold is fraud. Trillions of dollars were scammed and yet no one is busted?