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Washington, DC, should not have a representative in Congress. The Constitution does not provide for such, and unless they (our illustrious political leaders) are willing to amend the Constitution to allow same, things should stand as they are. If certain DC citizens feel they are entitled, they ain't--it is that simple. Want a representative, move to a state.

How dumb is it that in a district set up to house the national government there is this ludicrous debate about easy access to guns? Americans are getting dumber and dumber by the day. We pretend we are for individual rights, but we don't want none of them individuals deciding to smoke pot instead of gettin' drunk on booze (including beer), we don't want them individuals choosing their sexual preferences, we don't want them individuals choosing whether they have to carry a baby to term or not because we don't understand the difference between a baby and a fetus and the very people who create our deficits and can't balance a budget or adhere to one decry the poor performance of the financial sector which is nothing if not a reflection of our leaders. We are killing our kids in a war we shouldn't be in helping an ungracious population who can't get their act together. What a group.