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Excuse me? What bank is making a loan or extending a line of credit? Could you please call either Toyota or Tollbrothers--I'm sure they'd like to know. For most of us, who can't sell our homes or find a buyer, those who can only make a cash offer, we'd sure like to know what bank you are dealing with. This situation is awful enough without dealing with all the liars and the lies that they tell. Maybe your relative got a $2K loan--good for them--but that's not what most of us are dealing with. Our economic system is in free fall & it's time to demand transparency, honesty, and to regain the collective spirit that made our middle class the greatest. And that came from the the spirit of the community and not from some faceless corporate giant. AIG is the poster child of the problems we are dealing with now on a global level. Let these crooks be identified and made to pay the price of destroying any economic stability.