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Well, Ms. Crossette seems to have missed a great deal while watching the movie. Or probably she conveniently missed it to further her own myopic views.

True that Mr. Jamal Malik, the protagonist in the movie, is a victim of Hindu persecution and violence. But on the other hand, the Hindu Latika is also a victim of Muslim persecution and violence. Latika's parents are killed by Muslims during the riots; she gets raped by Salim, a Muslim gangster and brother of Jamal. She becomes a sex worker and mistress of the Muslim crime lord Javed.

The reality of India is that both Hindus and Muslims are victims of fundamentalists. The Hindu extremists and the Muslim extremists persecute each others' communities for their own vested interests.

I think the movie was trying to emphasize a different point altogether. The message of the movie was struggle, righteousness, peace, education, optimism, truth and strength. Sorry to know that Ms. Crossette watched the movie through all the wrong prisms.