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"Crash Landing"--what an apt description for our situation. While I was reading the article I was listening to Jaimie Galbraith on the Canadian channel CBC explaining the stupidity of the mantra "liquidity and lack of credit." We are finally getting to the point of admitting that we no longer have jobs making things. Being a greeter at Wal-Mart doesn't sustain any kind of shelter, especially if the wife loses her job making beds at Motel 6. Another metaphor that seems appropriate is the poor that were left wading in sewage in New Orleans and the media screaming that it was their fault for not getting in their private jets and flying to Europe until the hurricane passed. I was surprised, during the stimulus bill discussion at how little our loudmouth talking media idiots knew about the bill itself. Not to be outdone by the media, of course, was the grandstanding fools who suggested that they didn't have the time to read the 1,071 pages. One out of every four pages is a title page, each page is double-spaced and each page is on one side only. We are down to about 250 pages of reading. I agree many of our elected officials couldn't read 250 pages in a month, let alone understand it.