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The economic stimulus package as presently constituted won't work. Eight hundred and seventeen billion dollars, split 58 percent spending, 42 percent tax cuts is a blown show. We don't have unlimited do-overs. Our creditors aren't going to put up with our stupidity forever. We have this golden opportunity to rescue the middle class and end the national debt. Either we get this turned around: one trillion dollars, 80 percent spending, 20 percent tax cuts, 50 percent of the 80 percent ($400 billion) spent on converting America to an entirely green economy---or we descend to being a second-rate nation. Wake up! We're running out of options. "Politics as Usual" is destroying our nation. The oil economy has to be put down, or it will put America down. Garner the political will to save us now, or go down in history as the constituency that drove the final nail (I do mean crucifixion) into a once free and proud nation.

I have an excellent addition to the stimulus package. It will create jobs, improve communications and transparency in government and magnitudinally improve cyber-security within our infrastructure. Convert every computer in the federal system (including the misbegottenly crash-prone Congressional web servers) over to Linux, Open BSD, or another, most appropriate for the application, form of Unix. The only systems that should be immune to the first wave of this conversion should be systems we are strategically or tactically dependent upon for national security. As the bulk of these are already Linux computers or clusters, this shouldn't impact the process in any significant manner.