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In regards to the stimulus controversy, some in the media, earning cushy salaries, unaffected by the impending crisis, ask what's the rush? But thank God, there is a new sherrif in town, as President Obama takes his fight to the people. He understands the American people are hurting and need help now!

Not unexpectedly, the GOP cries loudly, that that is not the way for Pres. Obama to win--taking it to the airwaves (however, he tried being diplomatic and nice)! They don't want him to fight--to expose their phony objections and impediments. They don't want light, but President Obama believes in transparency, and there is no time to lose in this situation. This patient, the US economy, needs emergency care, now. Thank God, a new sheriff is in town and President Obama is fighting for you. This country has waited long enough for a blood transfusion, and the time is now!

This is not about pork, as the GOP wants you to believe--this is about the saving of our economy, our way of life. America is crumbling all around us and the GOP wants to play political games, as usual!

Republicans' new talking point regarding stimulus is that polling shows the American people are against this Stimulus! What planet do they live on? By the day, blue- and white-collar workers are losing thier jobs, homes, cars. They are resorting to bread lines, unemployment compensation and food stamps (by the way, the GOP calls this welfare). The American people are hurting and the GOP is playing political games, "let's damage the president," instead of putting its time and care on the crisis looming large for the American people. At least for once!

We must remember that when the GOP were in control they held no oversight hearings on anything, they did not increase the minimum wage, their concern was not about our crumbling bridges or dirty air, water, contaminated food or Ponzi schemes that robbed people of millions.

We will know what to do in 2010.