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Others have written to give the following analogy: "What would the US do if Mexico were lobbing rockets into the US?" Well, there is a point, except for this: the US did not expel from our soil by arms and intimidation almost a million Mexicans; it has not yet planted settlements deep into Mexico with the ruse that it is for "protection"; the US makes no bones about its nuclear capability; the US does not control the air, sea and land lanes into Mexico, nor its water supply and all of its food and medicine; the US does not receive billions annually for weapons etc., etc.

Until Israel gets all of its citizens behind the "green line," the US should cease its support of Israel---period. Then, and only then, can Israel cry "defense" for any and all actions it takes. Israel is drawing the US deeper and deeper into a turmoil not of our making. Soon enough the citizens of this country will wake up and see the truth.