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Why is it that Palestinian apologists like you are so blinded and always seem to have such a don't-notice-the-elephant-in-the-room double standard when it comes to Israel defending itself and its citizens?

Get real! Should the Israeli Army throw rocks at the Hamas/Palestinian terrorists who have continuously fired deadly rockets into Israel for the past three years, thus ignoring and breaking a cease-fire that those same Hamas/Palestinians agreed to and signed? Real trustworthy folks, those sociopathic Hamas, whose only reason for existence is their belief that they can destroy Israel regardless of the fate of their so-called "people," instead of building a civilized, productive future for their citizens. And, let's get it straight: the so-called Palestinians elected a self-professed terrorist group to run their government! What did you think was going to happen? High tea?

Now, let me pose a closer analogy, for an American. Let's say that (hypothetically of course) Columbian drug lords, or Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda or one of the other known professed-terrorist groups was "democratically elected" to control and run the government in Tijuana, Mexico. Because of their hatred of Americans, and their denial of America's right to exist, the Hamas/Tijuanians secretly import rockets, missiles, explosives, and automatic weapons from Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia and continue to fire these missiles and rockets by the hundreds per month over the border into the USA at cities and civilians in San Diego and the surrounding areas while hiding in Tijuana schools and civilian apartment buildings. They also drive car bombs over the border and have undercover soldiers (wrapped in explosives) walk into San Diego, Coronado, Chula Vista and blow themselves up on public buses, schools and public square shopping malls murdering hundreds of American citizens, on a never-ending, ongoing basis.

How exactly would you think that the USA would react? What should they do? I mean, really? Would the US Army throw rocks? Would they invite their sworn enemies to come and live in their back yard? Or would the USA shut down and fortify the border, set up checkpoint inspections of Tijuanans and suspected Hamas terrorists, and regulate trade routes into Tijuana in order to shut down smuggling of weapons ultimately used to kill Americans? And, as the rockets and car-bombing events escalated, would the US Army then retaliate in kind, firing their sophisticated rockets from the ground, and missiles from jets, into Tijuana to target the terrorists, followed by a deployment of ground forces to take out the terrorists where they live?

You are damn right we would. We'd kick the holy snot out of them. So tell us about the poor, poor so-called Palestinians, who chose a terrorist group to do their bidding. Once again, these people are being used by the greater anti-Israel Arab world. Can't Israel protect itself and its citizens as well, using their advanced controlled means, under these same circumstances? Only in Israel's case, it is not hypothetical. It is real. It sure seems hugely hypocritical to deny Israel the same right to defend their country against terrorists as we Americans so staunchly assert and protect ours.