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As a modern historian, I of course know little or nothing about this topic, but that has never stopped me from giving my opinion on any subject.

I do believe there's a God, but not that Jesus was a god. I think of him more as a peasant revolutionary, a mystic, prophet and rebel who ran afoul of the ruling elite of his time.

There have been many such radicals in history, and it is not uncommon for them to claim divine inspiration of some kind. Popular hostility to tax collectors, landlords, the military and officials of the state religion is by no means unusual either. In the past, it seems to have been endemic, and it still is today in many parts of the world.

I doubt that Jesus would recognize most of those who claim to be his followers today, at least in the Western countries and their comfortable middle-class religious organizations. He probably would have been astonished at having been turned into a god-man and the savior of the world, with blond hair and blue eyes, no less.