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Dear Mr. Jones, I just wanted to add a few minor details so that in your pro forma business plan, you do not overestimate your yearly revenues based on your metrics: "US operations in Iraq are currently costing $14 million per hour. That's $343 million per day, or $3, 973 per second." Your manufacturing operations based on $14 million per hour will actually take in only $336 million per day, based on a twenty-four-hour work day. Therefore, your initial yearly revenue estimate will be short by only $7 million per day or $2.555 billion per year, based on a 365-day working year. Although a pittance, $2.555 billion per year in revenue shortfall are generally mistakes associated with our own taxpayer watchdogs, the GAO (General Accounting Office), or the slightly superior OMB (Office of Management Budget). Also, your marketing department might want to look into growth opportunities for your products in Africa and parts of South America. The Chinese have been there for years.