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It's nice to see that Obama is trying to taking some steps to fix our domestic and international problems. I hope that Congress will help shape a stimulus package that will actually benefit Americans in the long run and not just tide us over for a week or so. The war on terror will shift to the countries that are actually harboring terrorists instead of staying in a country that is now self-sufficient. Americans will get adequate healthcare and education, while we try to help change the image of our country for the rest of the world. One way of doing this is to help eliminate global poverty, domestic and foreign. The Borgen Project has some interesting facts about global poverty and how reducing it will help our society. It would cost $19 billion to eliminate global poverty, which is extremely small compared ot the $522 billion the US government spent on our defense budget last year. By eliminating global poverty, we are setting ourselves up to have stronger allies or new ones; we open up the doors to new resources and help make our society safer to live in.