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The article was written before the events, and almost prophetically, Schell writing, "have to be tough without bombing far away villages." Yet, on January 23, 2009, just days after President Obama's inauguaration, he authorized drones with missiles into Pakistan villages.

Someone said to me, based on the coyness of White House Press Secretary Gibbs, "I don't think Obama knew." That would be bad, also. If President Obama didn't know his military was bombing Pakistan villages, then he has an out-of-control military.

I was much bothered by the tone of the brief coverage of the event. No mention of the illegality under international law of sending missiles into Pakistan, but a "see, he's macho" and "they're confused" in the "terrorists' camp."

Who will tell President Obama that it is illegal to bomb Pakistan? I was rereading a Howard Zinn article from 2007: you can't fight terrorism with war. It certainly isn't working. And continuing Bush administration illegal acts, such as drones with missiles into Pakistan, is... (fill in your own word).