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Government by the rich has its share of problems. You never know when they're crying "wolf," whether you can trust them or not and whether they're trying to fleece you.

It seems this stimulus package is an honest attempt to create some jobs. As Keynes used to say: to pay some men to dig a hole and others to fill it up puts money in people's pockets so they can buy, buy, buy. Which is what's needed.

But the banks are forever and are forever robbing you and me. Merrill and Lynch paid 4 billion of our tax money in bonuses after losing money? Huh? Can I get such a deal? And these Wall St. hot shots who make 20 million a year, whose money is it, after all?--suckers like you and me who bought a house or a 401(k).

It seems the biggest employers now are the military and Wal-Mart. Not good. We need a whole new ballgame where the rich don't rule!