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In my view, I am ahead of the curve, I am not a consumer, I do not shop for anything unless I need it. But I guess according to the economists I am the problem, because every payday, the first thing I do is take a quarter of my check and I deposit it into a savings account. And according to George W. Bush and all those that said in order to defeat the terrorists we must consume, I must be the biggest terror ally in this country.

The only things I buy consistently are food, organic food and gasoline, only because I need my car for my job, otherwise I would bike it. I bought about three shirts last year and they were all political in message and one of them is Union Made in the United States. That's another reason why I do not shop. I decided from here on out, well I actually decided this a little earlier than right here, but to only buy, when possible, such as clothing, American made. This is how we can boost the economy, not by going to Wal-Mart or Target and buying stuff made in China because it is cheap. And yes, it is cheap, it is disposable, probably toxic and it is more of a waste of money than it is a bargain.

Another creed of mine is "you don't need it, so don't buy it and if you do need it, make it!" Americans don't make anything anymore. It's sad. The only thing we really do manufacture in this country are cars, but we make SUVs, tanks, literally, Hummers! I personally hate extra large vehicles, they are a danger to other drivers and take up way too much parking space. Plus our American-made cars are usually crappy anyway, another disposable piece of American culture. I drive a 1987 Volvo, it's just about to hit 250 thousand miles and still going strong. Dependable, long-lasting, that's what I like.

That's another problem in my opinion, everything here is disposable. We do not, here or anywhere build things to last anymore. When we as a people get wiped out, our generations are going to leave nothing behind for future races to find. We make nothing to last, no stone buildings or statues. Everything is cheap and plastic and disposable. We need to change the way we build, consume and use our ingenuity in this nation and around the world for that matter, in my opinion. Don't shop for junk anymore. Be smart consumers. You don't have to be as anti-consumer as I am, but think about it, do you really need it?! Visit my blog.