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As a black man and American citizen, I have an uneasy feeling about this political time in our history. I have never ever been accused of being a conspiracy theorist, but I truly do believe that the economic destruction that the American economy underwent in September 2008 was calculated. There is an anti-capitalist sentiment that has always existed in this country. Capitalism is the most freeing economic system in the world. It allows for "individuals" to live free lives unencumbered by government. An economic system that allows individuals to succeed or fail based on their own ambition. Where else can you have a Bill Gates and a Jay Z? The crash of the free marketplace allows this liberal government to step in under the credo of socialism--"out of chaos we seize our opportunity."

I see the federal government becoming more prominent than it should, more prominent than is healthy to individual rights. There are still many Mussolini-style thinkers that believe that the government should be all and dictate all to all. I am not one. I see the future where the federal government will be the nation's employer. We will all work for the government, which will control the economy. There will be no business competition because the government will control business and the markets. Who would be able to compete, or better yet who would be allowed? Incidentally, I don't hear anything in the news about the NAU. The NAU constitutes the end of the United States, as "we" know it. It would mean the end of America as a sovereign nation. It would make us one with Canada and Mexico. It's projected to come together by 2020. I "hope" I'm wrong, because I really love this country.