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Palestinians send their children into Israeli schools, buses, restaurants, and supermarkets with bombs strapped to their bodies to kill as many innocent men, women and children as they possibly can. After the suicide bomber completes their mission of wanton murder of dozens of people, the Palestinians dance in the streets and pass out candy celebrating.

Palestinians fire hundreds of rockets into Israeli villages and towns trying to murder as many innocent people as possible, and when Israel responds Israel is called the aggressor. The aggressors are the people who have murdered thousands of innocents here on 9/11, in India, Iraq, Israel, England, Spain, Fiji, the Philippines and six different Muslim countries, all in the name of Islam against Jews and Christians. The aggressor is not the nation of Israel, a country the size of New Jersey. It is the Palestinians and Muslims who teach their children, from the time they are born, to hate Jews and Christians.

Have people forgotten that Israel withdrew every settler and every soldier from Gaza three years ago? What did they get in return? Six thousand rockets fired at their civilians the past three years. Let a terrorist group take over Canada or Mexico and begin firing rockets at American cities and let's see how our government responds. People speak about "proportionality" as though a country has no right to do whatever it can to stop attacks against its own people. Hamas is sworn to the destruction against the State of Israel and Israel has the right to protect its people by any means possible. Period.