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It's much too soon to spouting such harsh criticism of Obama's team. What came out of the people who were around Clinton was first and foremost a Clinton response. As Obama has said, he wants people who are tried and have experience--now is not the time to put in the second team and pray for a Hail Mary pass. If Obama filled his team with new thinkers, the global crisis we are in would implode. We need to say to the rest of the world that we going to have knowledgeable and experienced people working these situations. This is much more important in these desperate times than to have "new" thinkers and untried personnel running the show. Just because they aren't new on the scene doesn't mean new ideas won't be born. You have to remember, Obama is not Clinton. Clinton was an insecure people-pleaser, and I don't think for a minute Obama will put his popularity rating above making smart choices when it comes to running this country.