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Continuing the brilliant bottom-up strategy of the Obama-Biden campaign is essential to national economic revitalization "block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand."

Congress should encourage regional and local economic recovery processes by providing funding for design of short-term solutions by regional leaders and citizens in the stimulus package. (Regions would be single "greater" cities, counties, or multi-county areas, depending on demographics and established patterns of cooperation.)

The process for designing regional/local recovery solutions would include:

* A regional economic recovery summit: Participatory workshops and working conferences bringing regional and commmunity leaders and financial people together to design solutions, with support and highly skilled facilitation;

* Continuity: Setting up continuing task groups to follow through on economic and social recovery solutions;

* Expertise: Authorities on conventional and proven alternative strategies for financing regional sustainable development;

* Web-based interaction: Use of online tools for collaborative innovation, knowledge management and access to regional and local solutions.

An important result of these processes would be input to Congress and the White House, defining on-the-ground priorities for economic and social recovery and the types of grassroots innovation that can be shared across the country.