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So, the fantasy continues here at The Nation. Not one, not a single name mentioned in this article will fill a post in an Obama cabinet. We know this. Just one day after the election convincing speculation names a militant reactionary and Clinton re-tread as Obama's prospective chief of staff (Rahm Emanuel) and another corporate servant and Clinton disciple as his secretary of the treasury (Larry Summers). This is change? You become who you are by the actions that you make. Obama has repeatedly betrayed the left with his actions. The empirical evidence offered by his voting record in the Senate is undeniable. He is who he is--a sell-out. To expect him to change miraculously is dangerous and delusional thinking. In fact, it is faith and not thought (and therefore, all the more dangerous).

Still, there is hope. There is hope that progressives will watch Obama and the Democrats carefully and apply continous pressure to achieve the change we desire. If the Democrats fail to deliver as I fear they will, I still hope that progressives and the literature that they read, like The Nation, will see the proglems inherent to picking the least-worst candidate and will again join those of us still fighting the powers that be. We welcome you with open arms.