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As a white, Jewish American I cast my vote this morning at 6 am proudly for Barack Obama. I know that he will win, and I am beaming with pride about America and I am very proud today to be an American. We've come a long way and we still have a long way to go but every American should be thrilled that we chose the content of someone's character rather than the color of his skin in deciding who our next president should be. I am 58 and have grown up during a time when blacks could not drink from the same water fountains as whites, use the same bathrooms or eat at the same restaurants. Finally, at long last, America has been transformed into a nation where we judge someone for their ability and not their race. I believe the greatness of America that so many people around the world admire and love will be restored by President Obama. Rejoice, America! We did it right, we did it well, and we just elected a great president!