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I'm glad to see that Greider, like Nader, refuses to give up.

In 1992 I was so taken with Greiders' book Who Will Tell the People? that I ran for Congress as an independent. That was a story about participating in the political process, not about winning elections. It is about expressing one's political will.

It has been a long time since elections were anything more than football games in which everyone wants to be on the winning team. "The hypocrisy of liberals" ia not that they have sold out their values to get a seat on the fifty-yard line of the winning team. Rather, it is that they have abandoned the concept that their most deeply-held political beliefs have value unless "their guy" wins.

Every election season I am reminded of Norman Rockwell's painting Freedom of Speech. This has never been a statement about winning. It has always been a statement about standing up for what you believe in--particularly if that belief is unpopular with your like-minded friends.

The next time someone tells you that you're "throwing your vote away" by standing up for your beliefs, give them a pat on the head, and tell them that Ralph Nader still believes in their dreams. Even if they have forgotten how to stand up and articulate them. I do too.