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I have said for years of Nader, the greatest "democracy advocate" of our generation, the very most important question that Americans should be asking of any candidate for president is not where they stand on the war or the economy but, "Where do you stand on the Empire that has taken over our country--an Empire of which the war in Iraq and the coming financial collapse are only its biggest and most visible crimes... so far?"

It is now joyful news that the American people themselves are looking beyond the lies of the corporatist Empire and its DC and MSM media whores, and finally in the fall of '08 are starting to understand the timeless truth of Hannah Arendt's warning in the era of the Nazi empire and its less sophisticated, one-party "Vichy" pawns, that "empire abroad (always) entails tyranny at home."

Arendt knew this about the dual oppressions of all empires in foreign imperialist military slaughter abroad and economic tyranny at home. And our forefathers also knew this timeless truth about the political and economic wrath of empires, as they felt both the military "lance in the eye" and economic "punch in the gut" of the British Empire against the early dream of American democracy against empire.

"Democracy advocate" Ralph Nader has spent his whole career standing up against this corporatist Empire in its attacks against our society, our political economy, our laws and our entire, indivisible democracy. Nader has never failed to take on the corporatist Empire attacking average, "working-class" Americans--first in the economic sphere, where everyone knows that corporate power and corporate Empire reign, against our personal safety, our constitutional and legal rights to privacy, to a clean environment and many other rights supposed to be protected by "our" government.

But when it became clear to Ralph that the corporatist Empire had started to take over government itself and cancerously spread from the economic sphere to the political sphere of our whole society, our total political economy and our waning democracy, Ralph Nader volunteered like a minuteman for democracy and fought against the corporatist Empire in all its oppressions, economic, legal and political--just as the first minutemen rose up to battle f0or democracy against the British Empire's economic, legal and political oppression and tyranny over the American colonies.

We 're not colonists--but free men! And we're not going to be dictated to by an Empire, regardless of how it disguises itself as some unholy axis of a political monarch and greedy corporate profiteers, working together behind the scenes.

Ralph Nader is not some loyalist/royalist frontman for the corporatist Empire selected to be a political officer of the empire, like the American colony 's "royal governors" were selected by the crown and the British East India Corporation, to dominate and rule over their working subjects. Ralph Nader has proven more than any man that he will not be bought by the corporatist Empire 's treasure trove of royalist money, appointments and hidden "deals" but that he will always (and very successfully) fight the corporate Empire on all fronts--economic and political to save our democratic self-government of, by and for all free men against the scourge of corporate Empire.

Good luck, all you patriots and minutemen of democracy--as we continue the American Revolution for democracy and against empire.