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The reason why the Green Party went with Kerry and not Nader was the fact that the Green Party was embarrassed about Nader taking enough votes away from Al Gore to put the imbecile in office we have today. Thanks, Ralph

Nader lost all credibility during and after the 2000 election as a result of the stories published about him wanting to punish the Democrats. Well, Nader, your sights were set too low for you ended up punishing not only Democrats, but the whole nation and several sectors of the whole world as well.

Go campaign in Alaska. They'll buy anything up there.

William Grieder gives Ralph more attention and credit than he deserves. Ralph is about as well-liked today as Joe Lieberman. While both may have done noble things in their past, they are both viruses to the well-being of the United States today. When are we going to stop giving these anti-progressives air time?