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The post from Geneva, says a lot. It is alot easier to worship Obama from afar. (I suppose he is a US citizen?) The "world wants Obama"? Good.

Give up your single-payer heatlh care. Bail out your stock markets with taxpayer dollars, and give it to the thieves that stole it. Set the "rate of richness" at six times what the average citizen makes. (Offer working people a $1,000 bribe). Give up regulation of trade, and allow your government to hold people agaisnt their will, spy on them illegally, etc. Oh--dont forget to increase your military budgets, even as the middle class suffers--we have to keep up that "war on terror"!

Then--you too can have an "I love the free market" nation"! (Obama's words)

I don't agree with everything Cockburn said, I am not voting for Nader. I may even vote for Obama! But, it will be either because (1) I am so sick of hearing racists in Ohio--so it would be a "racist" vote, to vote for an African-American just to spite my bigoted neighbors, or (2) so that, maybe, some of my middle-class family and friends can get some help. I am one of those "stupid poor people" you keep goading. I was actually dumb enough to go into social work--MSW--and you thought teachers were broke!

If the press says Obama is a "socialist"--that's rich! I am a socialist--and never more proudly! After Wall St., I never want to hear a capitalist say that we "can't afford anything" again! But, of course, even with Dems in both Houses and the pseridency, it will be the cause of choice. "If only we hadn't had to bail out Wall St." Bull.

The "healthcare plan" stinks. Fifteen million will still be without, and it is market based. It is doomed. The FISA amendment, the Wall St. bailout... (Sanders, Kucinich, Kaptur, et al. all had plans that would've left more of the burden on the thieves--the Dems wouldnt even allow votes on them!)

It's fine to vote for Obama--it's a strategic decison. But, dont try to pretend he is a progressive.

Or better yet--stop trying to pretend the Democratic Party is progressive. Other countries want Obama? Sure--and I want single-payer healthcare, progersive taxation, five parties to choose from, a Parliament, etc.--and I cannot afford to move.

This is neo-liberalism, and it boggles the mind how many of my former "heroes" have bought into it. After eight years of Bush, this should be the "progressives' year." If it is not now, it never will be.

One more thing--to the censors at the "liberal" websites. Well, you've lost me as a Democrat for life! Common Dreams is particularly bad on this--there are entire websites set up to chat about "being banned from CD"! Is this the "progressive " hope and dream? For shame.