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What may not be obvious is that a significant percentage of us "trust fund babies" also understand that the only engine of a healthy, growing, and sustainable economy in this country has been a robust, solvent middle class.

And we also understand the important of factoring in the "Happiness Quotient." It doesn't feel good--regardless of one's financial wealth or lack of same--to live in a country in which people fear one another, believe that opportunity is a zero sum game and what you just got is something I just lost, and in which nastiness and division is the primary energy in which we meet one another.

That was the real importance of the message John Edwards tried to convey with his "Two Americas" theme, and which Barack Obama addresses from a slightly different perspective when he emphasizes the need to get beyond our ugly partisan politics and work together to solve the nation's problems.

If we are all connected (and I believe we are), then I can't be really prosperous--in the fullest sense of that word--unless you are as well. I cannot be wealthy--in the fullest sense of that word--unless you, at least, have "enough."

The philosophy here is pretty clear, and it's been proposed by every single one of the world's major religions for thousands of years. Perhaps we're finally ready to embrace that approach, and begin to think of one another as "neighbors." Our present crises have within themselves the seeds of a magnificant leap forward... should we choose to take it.