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Sarah Palin is my governor and was my mayor. While I respect everyone's right to an opinion and enjoyed your article, one thing kept going through my uneducated brain:"The one on the left is on the right." Yes, that's one of Rosanne's daddy's songs. While the article wasn't as vile and mean as most people in the entertainment industries, it was still condescending. I will not be told how to vote by people who haven't a clue how I live.

I am pro-choice, I think marriage should be allowed between two consenting adults and that America is the greatest country in the world. I do not believe in socialism; spreading the wealth to those behind you does not appeal to most Americans. I'm voting for McCain/Palin, and would have regardless of who he picked for VP.

Our boys and girls overseas do not need someone who has association with the likes of Ayers in the White House. This election has become a farce. If you're black and don't vote Obama, you're jealous; if you're white and don't vote Obama, you're racist. It can't just be because you're American and you love your freedoms, believe hard work should be rewarded and that people who work should be allowed to prosper. I'll keep singing Johnny Cash's song until the election's over to drown out the likes of Sandra Berhart, the two Rosies, Matt Damon and too many others to list. By the way, where can people like me run to if Obama wins? We are the base of America, and none of us have the money or means to leave like you all do.

An unqualified mother of 6,