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An inability to grasp complex issues? What about an inability to grasp simple, clear issues, like the rule of law? What about professional vs. private? What about the Fifth Amendment, or due process of law, or in simpler terms, "fundamental fairness?" What about "government," itself? How about "eco-no-my?" The Ten Commandments, as in, "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"? They make much of the depth of her "faith," but you'll not find anyone named Trak or Trig of Bristol or Willow or Piper in the scriptures. You might, certainly, find them in a hardware store. Her ignorance is obscene. Her perception of law is "when they make you stop doing what you want to do." Our prisons are full of the adherents of such a philosophy. Cro-Magnon came to predominate due to the power of his brain (his ability to comprehend his situation and adapt). Is this Palin some form of inverse natural selection? The great patriot John McCain would foist this cruel joke on his country? What happened in that prison camp? Laurence Harvey might have been able to enlighten us, were he still with us.

Oh, yes, i agree with you. End this charade about the bimbo.