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All the points in this article are well articulated and cogent, with one obvious omission. We are focusing on the flow of capital, while we have shipped our industries and production labor out of country--the sweat equity of our ancestors to China, Japan, Korea, Europe, India, etc.. Now all we produce is military hardware and we are shipping that out as well. For example,. Connecticut use to be the bearing capital of the world; now all that Connecticut produces is submarines. We, in fact, need to rebuild from the bottom up.

The big secret seems to be to invest like Charlie Icahn. Like Naomi Klein says: create a crisis and take advantage of the panic to steal the bank. The corruption and greed have become so widespread that few in government or in business seem to be able to stop the hemorrhage. We have a few brave souls who are demonized by the media like: Kucinich, Kaptur and Sanders, but they seem voiceless and invisible to the media and journalists.