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Certainly, the lack of harmony in any country will cause the government to lose their "mandate from heaven" and be replaced. While morals are not to be ignored, how to achieve harmony requires some practical steps. Economic stability requires an inclusive economy. Everyone must benefit from the economy. Communism in China was successful, in part, because of the lack of economic inclusion. There was and is too much poverty in China, and wages, along with the standard of living, must be raised. Ordinary people are the market, and if they do not have a disposable income, there is no market. The Chinese government thinks it must pay its people low wages in order to attract investment. The West has been salivating over the Chinese market for centuries, but most Chinese couldn't afford to buy Western products. China has the largest internal market in the world, but it can only be developed if ordinary Chinese can buy the "Chinese" products they produce. Foreign companies will become "Chinese' and produce in China for that market. China does not need foreign trade! It needs internal development first, and foreign trade is secondary. Tariffs are already in place, and its goal should be an independent economy. Chinese know their own market, and can take the lead in internal development.