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About twenty years ago in the windy city of Casper, Wyoming, I was privileged to serve among a group of "community organizers." These men and women served at the local mission, helped in latchkey school programs and we got involved in politics teaching on free enterprise and the Constitution, helped register voters and ran for precinct chairs all for the betterment of our communities. And we did it for free. Our pastors encouraged us to get off our blessed assurances and make a difference in our community. We knew what they preached and it wasn't anti-American nor did they call us white folk "prosperity pimps." My mentor was a hockey mom and I toted my Down Syndrome son around while doing these Random Acts of Kindness.

Meanwhile, in the windy city of Chicago, Barack Obama was doing his own "organizing" for a paltry $12,000 salary (coming from taxpayer subsidies)... for doing what? Serving soup? Mr. Obama has not yet answered to the public about his involvement with the far-left ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now), Bill Ayers and those who masquerade as clergy. I guess that is why he has some skewed ideas about what service really is. I am not surprised that in the recent Service Nation Summit he promoted offering college tuition credits to students for community service. Maybe he should use the acronym IDRC for his big idea. It means: I Don't Really Care; I'm Doing it to Reduce my College tuition. Maybe he can enlist the IDRCs from liberal colleges to get more bogus voter registrations, as ACORN has in more than twelve states! I think Barack Obama owes an apology to those of us who have and continue to serve from the heart in communities all over this nation. Worse yet to use his questionable service activities and his 143 days in the US Senate as a qualification for the executive office of President.